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Minimal Profile
It’s designed to carry the essentials without leaving a visible dent in your front pocket.
Compact When Closed
It’s as small as it is slim.
Organized When Open
Enjoy separate compartments for credit cards, bills, and business cards.
Minimal Materials
A single piece of fine-grain leather folds to include a coin pocket.
Made in Japan
abrAsus products come from a long tradition of Japanese ingenuity.

About abrAsus

"I focus on products that I genuinely want to use. That means we don't create something that eight out of 10 people would like – we target the one or two who are looking for the same thing we are, and understand how special it is."

- Kazushige Minami

From Finance to Fine Leather

abrAsus founder Kazushige Minami knows how to handle money. A former finance guru, this longtime Evernote collaborator turned his business acumen to men’s accessories, designing some of the world’s most ingenious wallets, bags, and business card holders.

Inspired by Technology

While computers, cell phones and cameras were getting lighter, smaller, faster, and cheaper, Minami noticed that men’s accessories hadn’t changed in decades. Believing that these essential products were worthy of innovation, he set his sights on redesigning them.

Sample, Simplify, Repeat

The abrAsus product development process is intensely intimate. A sample is made, it’s used it for a week, the team figures out how to simplify and improve it, and then they do it all again until they get it right. Some products go through up to 30 iterations before design is finalized.

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