3M × Evernote

Power to the Post-it® Note

Only Evernote lets you digitally capture, organize, and share any Post-it® Note. You choose the size, we'll make it easy to transform your ideas into achievable goals. Exclusively from Evernote and 3M.

Jot it down

Scribble a reminder. Make a to-do list. Take down your ideas in a brainstorming session. Write as you normally do.

Capture with a tap

Use the Evernote camera in Post-it® Note mode to take a picture. Your handwriting is digitized and the note goes right into Evernote.

Search and share

Evernote recognizes your writing, so you can easily find a single word deep within your notes. Or share a big idea with friends and co-workers anytime, anywhere.

Code by color

For ultimate organization, choose colors for your notes. Set yellow for your to-dos, and whenever you capture a yellow Post-it®, it'll automatically go into the right notebook in Evernote.

Comes with Evernote Premium

Enjoy the best of Evernote with offline notes, enhanced searching, Priority Support, and so much more.